Achieve Title Block Consistency Automatically

Title Block Manager for AUTOCAD

Title Block Manager — Guardian of Your Precious Time

It’s late Thursday afternoon. Your project is almost done and the finishing touches are all that’s left. Your deadline is Sunday.

Then it hits you. One of those “finishing touches” is ensuring that all the project data contained in the title blocks is correct and up-to-date. And you just noticed a few things are wrong. For one thing, a sheet was inserted at the last minute and now the numbering is incorrect on most of the files.

You have to manually update over 500 files in this project. This painstaking work is going to take days. Your weekend is over before it starts.

Or is it?

Enter Title Block Manager — a magical application that dramatically reduces the time it takes to make massive changes to block text, attributes and tag values. It can save you from late nights and lost weekends.

How is Title Block Manager Going to Help You?

Title Block Manager can help you easily change any block attribute text (AutoCAD) or tag values (MicroStation) in your title blocks quickly, automatically and on dozens, hundreds or thousands of files at a time.


Title Block Manager will:

  • Quickly and easily renumber all of your sheets for you using one Excel spreadsheet. Say goodbye to the stress of last-minute sheet-number changes.
  • Save you hours you’d typically spend manually editing your title blocks.
  • Keep your title blocks up-to-date, with a push of a button.

Get in, use it, get out. No heavy, complicated junk. Title Block Manager is super easy to use.

Title Block Manager Features

  • Bi-directional synchronization of information between title blocks in any number of DGN or DWG files and Microsoft Excel.
  • Quickly and easily renumber all your sheets from inside an automatically generated Excel spreadsheet that contains everything written in each and every block in your project.
  • Title Block Manager is also a powerful general-purpose block attribute or tag value editor — it’s not limited to title blocks.
  • Title Block Manager supports blocks in both design models and sheet models (MicroStation) and model space and paper space layouts (AutoCAD).
  • No lengthy setup or configuration required.
  • Supports ProjectWise (MicroStation).

Manage New and Pre-existing Title Blocks

Title Block Manager works on block attributes (AutoCAD) or tags (MicroStation) or title block text elements (MicroStation). It doesn’t require you to create special title block fields that only it can understand. Title Block Manager dramatically cuts down the time it takes to perform mundane tasks like modifying sheet numbers or adding revision data to title blocks.

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